A proper Old Fashioned requires just three ingredients working in perfect harmony: sugar, bourbon, and bitters. The key is quality in each ingredient, and then harmony in how they're balanced. An organization is no different. The three key ingredients are clarity, strategy, and execution. Let's dial these in. Let's stir it up together. 




The number one asset, as well as expense, for any organization is directly tied to employees. Culture, employee engagement, and talent development are the greatest opportunity and risk rolled into one. It's not about managing, it's about empowering. Let's bridge the gap, make sense of the people that comprise your organization, and unlock the human potential that's just waiting to be unleashed.


Ideation, execution, iteration -- and making sense of it all. The difference in a great product and one that lasts is often seemingly simple, but not easy. Not easy because products are used and consumed by people, and people are complicated. Whatever the idea -- hard or digital -- and whatever phase it's in, we'll figure out what'll make it not just happen, but what will make it last.


Environmental design, visual merchandising, and aesthetics that communicate effortlessly. Vibes matter because vibes set moods, moods are emotions, and emotions are people. From static to highly agile... small or large... we'll make sure you're in the right places to begin with, and craft engaging aesthetics that tell your story without a single word.

Fortitude is the fruit of confidence -- and ultimately all of this boils down to instilling confidence around what the changes look like. Small changes over time provide exponential returns. We'll take an honest look together at where things are at, where you want to be, and do what's needed to not just change for the sake of change, but instill confidence, and move forward with fortitude.