This morning I was surrounded by men, many of which close to twice my age, discussing business and profession and the like. One quip stood out to me more than anything else. A quick observation on the word "AMATEUR".

That word. It's almost intended to be an insult. "Look at that person over there... What an amateur."

But we have it dramatically backwards. The word's original intent had far more to do with PASSION than it did PAY. In other words, the meaning shifted from doing something because you're passionate about it, to doing something without pay. If you google the word right now, it speaks to doing something for free, and the implication is that you're probably not that great at it (otherwise you would in fact be paid for it!)

So, why does it matter? Why bother with semantics?

I would say that we have far to many people working hard to validate themselves as professionals when what we need are few more people who exhibit fortitude and drive hard because it's born out of their passions. We need people doing what they LOVE. Passion is contagious. Passion fuels us. Passion, coupled with a plan, can yield results that exceed simple exterior motivations. Passion fuels us past obstacles. Passion will carry us beyond our natural abilities. Passion is what starts sweeping movements.

The next time you see someone do something amazing or share a revolutionary idea... pause and say, "Whew... now there's an amateur."