There is literally nothing in our world that thrives outside of strategy. I'm so convinced of this that if you can prove me wrong, I'll buy you dinner. Strategy is simply the outworking of clarity. When we get clear, the natural progression is to ask, "So now what?" And that "so now what" is NOT just going out and doing things... it's the incredibly important precursor to that. If we skip this step, it's like a basketball team hitting the court knowing it wants to win, but not having any plays in the playbook. (I hate using sports analogies so please forgive me for indulging in one.) Here are three keys to effective strategy that can apply to any context:

Each and every "thing" that is determined to be important or worth doing should have a person who champions it, and that champion should have a regular drip of check-in's on progress. Outside of this, accountability is impossible because you can't talk to the person in charge of the thing if the thing doesn't have someone in charge of it.

Each task needs to have clearly defined metrics attached to it. From calendar deadlines, to budgetary restraints, time allotment ( i.e. "spend no more than three hours per week on this task"). Without metrics, it's impossible to get an accurate feel on progress when check-in's occur. 

Someone with clear ownership and objectives will still fail if they are not resourced well. The simple question of "How can I help?" is not trite, it is absolutely necessary. And following through with that resourcing and help is paramount in things getting done. 

Strategy doesn't have to be complex or burdensome. It does need to exist though. Get clear, get a strategy, and then we can get to work.